Why VHome love

V Home Property Company Limited (“V Home”) was established in Vietnam and Hong Kong in providing agency services for the properties in Vietnam. V Home was the first local real estate agency company stepped out from Vietnam to the Hong Kong market. We aim to make well known to people all around the world the best of our place for living and investing, and provide them our professional agency services for the properties in Vietnam as to achieve their goal.

Our Advantages

V Home stationed in Vietnam and Hong Kong respectively to provide our professional agent services. All the information and procedures will be communicated and handled directly and efficiently. Moreover, we:
– Have experienced marketing team in promotion and advertising
– Have connected with financing institutions to provide facilities to customer in property acquisition.
– Have strong business partnerships in financial, legal and marketing sectors, with a wide network in the real estate industry of Hong Kong.
– Have our own customer service teams in Vietnam and Hong Kong to support transactions as well as after-sales services to best benefit our customers;
– Have established an excellent platform within Vietnamese, Hong Kong people and other foreigners in both local and Hong Kong markets.

Co- Founders

  • Angela Ta- Co Founder
    Angela Ta is Founder of V Home Property Company Limited, incorporated in Vietnam. Angela Ta born in Vietnam, graduated from Hanoi's most famous university institution. V Home wa founded in 2017 with her husband, Luffy, hoping to provide one-stop real estate services to Hong Kong and Greater Chine customers, providing local information and platform in Vietnam. Within half year, V Home got support by the Vietnamese consulate in Hong Kong, and the company achieved excellent results. As a result, V Home becomes one of the top sales agents of the developers.
  • Luffy Chiu- Co- Founder & General Manager
    Mr. Luffy, V Home Hong Kong founder & CEO, with more than a decade of experience in private and corporate wealth management, he is keenly aware of the financial markets. He specialises in collecting unique investment opportunities in order to maximise his assets. Once a vice president of private banking in Hong Kong, he was deeply loved by investors for outstanding new market analysis and was awarded the "Outstanding customer manager of the year award." In view of the opportunities of the overseas real estate economy and policies of various investments in land development project in Japan and real estate in Vietnam, becoming Hong Kong's only recognised to hold regular Vietnam real estate investment seminar at the Vietnamese consulate in Hongkong. Mr. Chiu also founded Hong Kong Vietnaam economic investment association, hoping to promote entrepreneurship exchanges between Hong Kong and Vietnam through the association and help various trades and industries to learn more business opportunities in Vietnam. Mr. Chiu was invited by Hong Kong Oriental Daily Economic Forum for an exclusive interview and was later invited by the Sing Tao overseas real estate expert column to become the only author specialising in the analysis of real estate of Vietnam.

Our team

Our team, V Home in Vietnam and Hong Kong work with the prudent strategies for a long-term business development. We are always listening, non-stop studying. The young, creative, experienced in property investment is an important factor that makes V Home a dynamic company, always build chances for itself , clients and business partner.